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After watching the documentary, people who really care about the environment have been observing the oil company for a long time. Recently, the company’s oil tankers accidentally bumped into a part of the algal reef, and it sparked off the “Algal Reef Protection Association” protest. After all, they realize that the government once had promised to set a conservation area for the algal reef coastline in Taoyuan, but they didn’t keep their word. Algal reef ecosystems are very rare in the world, but one of them is in Taiwan. If we want to keep our land safe, algal reefs have played an important role in our environment.  


Part of Taiwanese features, Part of Taiwanese symbolism and the part of Taiwanese feelings will no longer exist anymore. Taiwan, called Formosa (Beautiful Island), where many people might not find the flaw of algae reefs. We sit in the classroom, but don’t get a chance to explore outside the classroom, or even step out of our comfort zone to put effort into taking action. In contrast, this video has gone viral for a while in order to let everyone know the truth of the problems of the algal reef. Not only is it beneficial for the people of Taiwan, but it also causes growing concern about algal reef issues. 


The algal reefs are Taiwan’s rare ecosystem, but many people don’t know what they are, including me. Working on the CyberFair project, I have a better understanding of what algal reefs are. After doing some research by watching the video of algal reefs, I found that there are many types of algal reefs. Coral reefs and algal reefs are both biological reefs. The biggest difference is that coral reefs are built by animals, while algal reefs in Datan are coral algae. In order to protect the algae reef, a colloid was built beside the embankment. Some algal reef conservation areas have been eradicated and factories have been built. Algal reefs are not only distributed in Taoyuan but also all over Taiwan.


After watching the video, I was effortlessly impressed by the algae information. Algae are a conservation plant that people need to know. In Taiwan, there is a different type of algae that is rare in the world. Pink algae is a specialized plant in Datan and that is why our group wants to learn more about this plant. Due to the iron metals, that is why Datan algae are pink. But there is a huge problem here — water pollution. One of the reasons is the factory is a natural gas power plant where they need to mine the coal, resulting in getting this land contaminated. Moreover, electricity is the main point for globalizing that our government focuses on. But the environmental group wants the factory to stop their mining because of environmental pollution, alerts people to this amazing plant in danger, and calls for action on protecting the mother of Earth.

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In Taiwan, the background is still stuck in the situation of lack of biological knowledge. Even though Taiwan has grown significantly in the research community and talent level, the author still believes that the degree of connection between the two is too low, even with a high degree of development without paying attention to the natural environment.Moreover, most of those in power are themes of party spirit or profit, so it is more difficult to promote views and policies that are conducive to ecological or sustainable development.These passages show how Mr. Pan loves this land. He said: “The algae reef is not only a national treasure for Taiwan, but also a heritage of the world. We have no right to destroy it in this generation. It’s just borrowing this precious resource from generation to generation.” From this passage, we can not only see Teacher Pan’s love for this land, but also show the importance of algae reefs, and no one has the right to  destroy this resource. So it is more worthy to be preserved on this land and become a precious asset of Taiwan.


Datan algae reef, a conservation area with biodiversity and full of research value. Today, we see state enterprise collusion and the factor of economy, and this place is gradually being invaded. A referendum related to environmental protection has become a partisan competition, a political tool that the government uses to manipulate. For this purpose, they even use their authority to spread the fake news, and they claim to protect the algal reefs. However, then one after another iron stakes stand on the algae reef. People sigh that a country defends democracy and freedom, but a referendum is seemingly making more progress toward democratic freedom. As a matter of fact, it’s actually a competition between parties, and a process in which the government is trying to control election results.